About - Tommy White Photography
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I'm a Full time  Photographer based in Boone, NC

Throughout the year, I educate folks on the wonderful art of photography.  I also enjoy photographing Weddings, Portraits and Commerical work.  I enjoy a fabulous mix of this awesome art form and wouldn't trade it for anything.

I have a true passion for the Wilderness and my latest is traveling the East from the Southern Appalachians to the Coast guiding, lecturing and photographing all this area has to offer.  In 2020, the adventures will once again resume to the West.  I am very excited about opening those doors.

I know this sounds cliche', but it is my hope that my imagery brings happiness, joy and a bit of enlightenment to those who wish to find it.  The natural landscape gives me a peace that I can not find anywhere else.  And, I love to share that with others.  

Thanks for stopping in!  Please drop me a message through the Contract and say howdy!

Hope we can meet up soon,


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