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I'm Tommy and I'm a full-time photographer in Boone, NC.  And that's my Bulldog Mack.

Ever since I was a child, I've always been amazed by the beauty of the natural world, and I love to be out in it whenever possible. Capturing its unique and ever-changing beauty is a life goal with me.  It was the beginning of this photographic journey, and it's now found its place in everything I do. 

While I love being out in nature, I also enjoy capturing the timeless beauty of emotion and love.   It can be a mother and child, a Bride and Groom, or even a family doing their thing out in the natural landscape.  I find it uniquely rewarding to capture them in their natural state.  Having fun is kind of a must for me and nothing brings me greater joy than that of genuine laughter. 

I know this sounds cliche', but it is my hope that my imagery brings happiness, joy and a bit of enlightenment to those who wish to find it.  Photography gives me a peace that I can not find anywhere else.  Whether by a mountain stream, or high on a mountain, we all have a place that feels right to us.  Mine is in the wilderness.  I feel like I've always belonged there and its influence can be seen in all areas of my work.  

By sharing my imagery, I hope that people will see the natural beauty of these places and get involved in protecting and preserving these amazing parks on our planet.  Whether it's picking up trash along a trail, or a greater involvement, the planet needs your help.  If we all play a role, this beautiful place called Earth will last for many years to come.

I thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoy your time here.  Perhaps you'll find some of the same inspiration that drives me to do this every single day.

You can always reach me here!


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