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Photography Workshops

Photography instruction is available throughout the year. Visit Mountains to Sea Workshops to see our 2017 Group Workshop schedule for North & South Carolina.

High Country Workshops and Private Instruction are listed below.

Private Instruction and Guided Trips

Available all year

A more personal photography workshop with award winning photographer Tommy White. This High Country guided tour will take you to the lesser known locations. I'll share the secrets that have taken me 35 years to accumulate. Believe me when I say, "this will be one you won't forget."  The choice is yours on what to cover, meaning you can design your day as you wish. If you give me the go ahead, I will most likely take you on a sunrise trip to one of my favorite spots, high above it all. Afterwards, we'll load your images and unlock the magic in my favorite software.  I don't hold any secrets back, I'm going to give you everything.  Your session will be recorded, so you can watch it over and over again in the comfort of your own home.

My "go to" software is Adobe Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC.  I also use third party softwares such as Nik and a whole host of others.  We can dive into workflow as deep as you like. This can be anything from the basics in Lightroom, an intro. to Photoshop or more advanced Photoshop techniques like exposure blending and luminosity masking. On a full day adventure, the sky's the limit! Tell me your vision and what you want to accomplish and I'll work up a day just for you. Topics we will cover include:  camera settings, creative and advanced composition, "seeing" the light, shooting technique, the vision process, filters, post processing, monitor calibration, printing and much, much more.  An image review is included in every session.  

There will be moderate hiking to get to our shoot locations.  I'm always flexible on this, but the better locations are up the trail.  

My favorite areas include Grandfather Mountain, Blue Ridge Parkway, Linville Gorge, Roan Mountain, Pisgah and the Great Smokies.  I am always up for a trip to these beautiful, target rich environments.  

I am currently a Nikon shooter(D810 & D800), but familiar with most camera systems.  

I am Licensed, Insured and CPR certified. 

Private - 1/2 day Instruction (4 hours)                       $325                           Add to Cart

Private -  Full day Instruction (8 hours)                      $600                           Add to Cart

Small Group(2-3) - 1/2 day (4 hours)               $300 per person      Add to Cart

Small Group(2-3) - Full day (8 hours)               $575 per person      Add to Cart

Guided overnights                                                828-773-0369         for a Quote

Lightroom & Photoshop Instruction only         $75 per hour            Add to Cart

These sessions are recorded on Skype so you review them at your leisure.


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Roan Highlands Astrophotography Workshop

July TBA

Two full days with award winning photographer Tommy White

Students in this Astrophotography Workshop will become night owls for a few days as we explore hidden beauty of the night sky. Our adventure will take us to the Roan Mountain Highlands to photograph the Milky Way.  The sky on Roan is vast with many opportunities. Some the things we'll cover will be camera settings, focus, proper equipment, Light painting and much, much more.

We'll explore the grassy ridges with evergreens, rock formations and our famous mountain ridges.  The techniques we'll cover will include how to shoot for the proper exposure in all of these situations and how to blend them into your final image for maximum effect.

Once we have made our captures, we'll spend the daytime hours in a classroom setting detailing the proper techniques used in post processing Astrophotography.  We will be using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop CC.

There will be a moderate night hike up to a mile to get to our shooting locations.

Class size - 6

$450 per person         Add to Cart


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Blue Ridge Astrophotography Workshop

August TBA

Two full nights and a day of processing with award winning photographer Tommy White. 

Students in this Astrophotography Workshop will explore hidden beauty of the night sky over the Blue Ridge Parkway.  There are many opportunities along the Blue Ridge with lake reflections, rock outcroppings, trees and barns.  Depending on the weather, we could also visit the Linville Gorge and Pisgah National Forest.

Things we will cover include camera settings, focus, proper equipment, light painting and much, much more!  We'll spend the daytime hours in the classroom session going over Lightroom and Photoshop CC and the special software used to create images that encompass a full dynamic range, with detail in the darks and lights.

There is a moderate night night up to a mile to get to our shooting locations.

Class size - 6

$450 per person              Add to Cart

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